For the first time in the US, steak & Chicken Shawarma Cooked over charcoal


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Eat Fresh......Eat Healthy

The best of middle eastern/Mediterranean food, Steak and chicken Shawarma, Kabob, Falafel. all authentic and special

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Crepes @Charcoal Town

To complement your meal @charcoaltown we are adding the perfect dessert, Crepes rolling soon :)

Try our unique Fettuccine Crepe  

Whole/Half Chicken

Adding more special and authentic food to our menu, try the chicken cooked over charcoal the best way,, Charcoal Town way.

Our uniqueness

Charcoal Shawarma Chicken or Steak

only @Charcoal Town and for the first time in the US bringing you the most famous middle eastern dish, Shawarma cooked over charcoal. 

Steak & Cheese and Chicken & Cheese

Cooked over charcoal...you won't find it anywhere else. 


made in-house from scratch daily. no pre-made ingredients or falafel powder. 

And more

Chicken Kabab

Kefta Kabab

Whole/Half Chicken


Made Daily

Baba Ghanoush

Made Fresh


Made Healthy


So green, so delicious 


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